The 7-Chaptered OVA involves Lucky Star, Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, and Haruhi Suzumiya and it's a 7-Part OVA . While Lucky Star gets Part 1 ("My Cousins Will Be Coming"), Part 3 ("Minami and Yutaka Forever"), and Part 4 ("From Best Friends To Girlfriends"), Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl gets Part 2 ("Hasumu's Cousin, Miyuki"), Aria the Scarlet Ammo gets Part 5 ("Aria's Cousins, Hasumu and miyuki") and Part 6 ("Aria Gone Gentle"), and Haruhi Suzumiya gets Part 7 ("The Graduation Concert"). This is just my idea

Tomari (One of the characters for the OVA).

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Hazumu Osaragi as a girl (one of the characters for the OVA)