• Female Osaragi Hazumu in Kashima high school uniform.
  • Male Osaragi Hazumu at mt. Kashima hours before his supposed death.

Born male, lives in Tokyo, Japan along with his/her parents part of the gardening club of the kashima high school. Jan-Puu assumingly killed her when she "kissed" her. The accident provoked Hitoshi Sora to make Hazumu's revival the priority of his ship, resulting to hazumu's revival but as a girl.

Her Parents are Toru Osaragi(father) and Kahoru Osaragi(mother), both of which are addicted to their new daughter, they are making her try new dresses and taking pictures of her, they also go to Kanmi Kissa when Hazumu work there as a part timer to replace a sick employee. In many ocassions, her dad tries to bathe with her, but he never had any chance because of her mother stopping his dad.

Currently studies at kashima high school along with her friends, Yasuna kamiizumi , Tomari Kurusu, Ayuki Mari and Asuta Soto. Their homeroom teacher is Namiko Hatsumi.

Hazumu is in love with Yasuna when she was a boy, but Yasuna rejected her. While her childhood friend Tomari is helping her get Asuna, but now as a girl, both Asuna and Tomari loves her. In a parallel world, Asuta and Hazumu are lovers. She is bestfriends with Asuta when she was still a boy. Her childhood friend, Tomari protects her from bullies, as well as help her be a girl. Hazumu charactered Himself and Tomari as the tortoise and the hare, in which Tomari complained the she don't sleep inraces and she always wins.

She is not using skirts in her first few days as a girl, she is also a little bit insensitive, examples are when she want to show Asuta some of her private parts. But as time passes by Hazumu is getting used to female clothing.


Female: Round face, bright eyes, little button nose, brown hair and height it is a head shorter than Asuta.

Male: His face was not shown in the entire manga and anime, may look like his female counter part.

Parallel universe female: Looks the same as the female.


Toru Osaragi: Father.

Kahoru Osaragi: Mother.

Tomari Kurusu: Childhood friend, friend, lover and love interest(present).

Yasuna kamiizumi: Love inetrest/lover(past) and friend(present).

Ayuki Mari: Friend.

Asuta Soto: Bestfriend, lover(past(assumingly)) and love interest(parallel world).

Namiko Hatsumi: Homeroom teacher.

Jan-Puu: Friend and lover(assumingly).

Hitoshi Sora: Friend.